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If any of you who still follow this blog and want to continue hearing my rambles about cats, costumes and various games I play, I’ve now relocated over here.

Yes, you read the URL correctly.  We’ve upgraded from the loony bin to the house of horrors.  So once again, if you want to keep up with my shennanigans, go here.

OR if you were following my RP stuff, I am now running a Nami blog over here.

— 10 months ago

So, it seems that I am now going to the MCM Expo on October.  Now comes the last minute ‘OHSHITWHATDOICOSPLAY??’ moment that happens with late change of plans.  Had I known that I would’ve been able to make it in the Summer, then my intense need to cosplay Ruby from RWBY would be easy enough to fulfill.  As it stands, three weeks is not exactly a lot of time to make Crescent Rose, even with reinforcements.

The question is, do I try anyway?

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It has suddenly occured to me that I haven’t blogged on here for a while.


Just as well nothing much exciting has happened lately, except the dance exam I had earlier today.

The kittens are still causing mayhem all around - they broke my headset yesterday, so it’s just as well I have a spare.  Something tells me I might be getting another one in the next few months.

— 1 year ago

It’s been a long time since I was last able to simultaneously run 3 blogs.  Damn, it’s a good feeling.

— 1 year ago

vaas-is-the-captain-of-my-crew said: Caitlyn?

Caitlyn was the non-secret blog.  Muse Sona was meant to be the other one I was bringing back, but ironically, no muse there  -_-

— 1 year ago

adoctorofforeheads said: What blog is it?

Not saying!  It’s a super secret blog.

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*Makes a new blog, is the only one of that character.  Finally gets the urge to write and write.  Suddenly, another blog of the same character appears.  Feelings of inferiority and the beginnings of writer’s block.*

Damnit Tumblr.

And yes, I know it was bound to happen, but I can’t help feeling sad that the other blog will no doubt outclass mine.  Again.

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This month I was meant to do lots of things with my annual leave, including writing and costume work whilst I have the time.  I’ve done neither of these things, instead I have either spent it sat on my arse playing games, cleaning and tidying the house, getting mauled by the kittens and not being able to do anything because I have no money.

About the only awesome thing was my week away in Plymouth, which, thinking about it, I still need to upload the pictures for.

— 1 year ago

I have a folder full of Disney gifs, so here is one to describe my mood right now:

— 1 year ago
#I am so bored  #It's not even funny 

So, I was just about to go to sleep last night when I heard something come in the window.  I couldn’t see what it was so I asked Marcus to tell me.

Turns out it was a motherfroggen queen wasp.

Guess who spent the night sleeping on the sofa…

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