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The Banes of being a Support

1.  Warding:  People seem to expect a support to mysteriously be able to pull wards out of their butts, even when they have run out and haven’t had a chance to recall.  They also seem to expect us to have so many that a pack mule would be necessary to hold them all, and have the guts to go aimlessly wandering into the enemy jungle just for them.

Wards cost gold people, and contrary to popular opinion you can actually buy them yourself.  Just click that little search bar, type in ‘ward’ and click the green eye.  Voila!  For 75g you have something to help us not get brutally murdered.

2.  'Ermagerd!  Y u no heal/shield?:  There are these things called ‘Cool downs’.  Your champion has them.  In fact, every champion does.  Perhaps take a moment to think on the fact that I just healed you before you make an incredibly mis-spelled attempt to degrade my abilities.

3.  The Expectation of being Everywhere at once:  I’m sure junglers are incredibly familiar with this feeling too, constantly keeping one eye on the mini map to see where the enemy is, hoping the lanes have pinged for absentees and paying attention to their own maps too.  The support’s job is to try and keep everyone alive.  It’s incredibly difficult to do so when you all go skipping off in different directions.  Which one do I follow?  The person that’s the most valuable/in need of help. 

4.  Sacrificing Oneself:  Sometimes not everyone makes it out of a fight alive, but the decision to give someone else that vital shield or speed boost belongs to the support.  Don’t expect a miracle if you walk face first into an enemy team hiding in a bush.  I’m not going to jump in and save you, I’d rather not give them a double kill for their efforts.

There are more…many more, but every role has its gripes.  What I guess I’m trying to say is:  Be nice to your support, they’re the ones covering your back.  And don’t pester them to ward when it’s really rather obvious that they are warding, you’re just blind.

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